Bright Idea: My Pilot Vlog

From, a visual art blog, this scintillating piece is a prime example of interactive mixed media and awesomeness in general.

“There is one man’s opinion I value above all others. Mine. And folks, I have a lot of opinions. I’m like Lucy trying to keep up with the candy at the chocolate factory. I can barely put them in my mouth fast enough.”

–Stephen Colbert, I Am America, and So Can You.

Like Stephen Colbert, I have had this problem…Until Now!


Ideas about philosophy, librarianship, and general awesomeness have been queuing up in my cowboy hatted head like Darien Lake Superman riders in line on a Saturday in July.

I need a valve or this puppy is going to explode.


“The VLOG!”

I must admit, however, that crazy gal  in the above video lied a little.

TRUTH: I will indeed be rocking the video log (Hat tip to the Vlog Brothers who I aspire to be as knowledgeable as: “Don’t forget to be awesome!” Check them out. They will drop knowledge and “hot slice[s] of crazy” on you. Whatever that means)

LIES: I will also write. Not just video log. I will intersperse Vlogging with blogging.

RANDOM PHILOSOPHY PART: (read at your own risk)

LAW OF EXCLUDED MIDDLE (P must be either true or false): Violating this law would be a logical faux pas.

For example: P (People’s Place in Hendricks Chapel serves day old bagels for $0.50) cannot be both True (P) (yes, economical aged baked good are sold at People’s Place) and False (~P) (No, there be no day-old bagels served at People’s Place).

But I digress.

SO I went ahead and bought the wordpress video package. Huzzah!
My only gripe is that the 1 minute video took 2 hours to upload.
I urge any technically minded people to provide feed back on how to speed up the loading time, edit, or best use the video feature.

I love that an “impulse buy” for a normal person would be a pair of shoes, Wegman’s cheese (I fall for the Brie every time!), or good jeans; An impulse buy for an iSchool student is a blog video feature (don’t forget the annual auto-renewal).

More to Come!  Thank you, gentle vlog-viewer, for dealing with the video’s shakiness, the weird hat and lighting in the video.
Next Vlog: “Librarianship and Philosophy Should Have Coffee Some Time.”


2 thoughts on “Bright Idea: My Pilot Vlog

  1. Sarah, you are incredibly endearing and an absolute pleasure to watch. I LOVE the idea of a vlog, if I wasn’t so awkward I’d try it myself. Keep it up and looking forward to watching the next installment!

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