People I Met Today (…’Today’ means last Thursday :)

I have to tell you about the people I met today in library land!

I will give you an overview…in the order of meeting them throughout my day. Because organization in supremely important. Hat Tip Barbara Kwasnik.

Today I learned from these three individuals that librarianship is not a solitary and thankless job–like the mailman or the pope–but an interdisciplinary one.

First: Patrick Williams.

He works at Bird Library as a subject Librarian covering the humanities including, but not limited to: American Literature, Communication & Rhetorical Studies, Composition & Cultural Rhetoric, Drama, English/Textual Studies, Linguistics, and Philosophy.

As it turns out, you can go TALK to him!

I went to talk to him about a philosophy question, and he listened to my spluttering excitement. We discussed higher education and the strange conventions of academic writing, breaking into the bureaucracy, and profanity. At the end, he relayed my interests to a PhD. student in the philosophy department who will be willing to “give you some feedback on the ideas you discussed with me and he’s probably able to give you the lay of the land in the Philosophy Dept. and point you to events you might want to attend.” The fact that there are resources that we don’t even know about! I am just discovering them now as a library student.
I now have a thesis project that I am stoked to write about! Any and all feedback would be great, all you inter-disciplinarian librarians!
My area of study will be the overlaps between LIS and philosophy, particularly in domains like the study of knowledge, epistemology. Given two radically different worldviews (Radical Constructivism, Positivism, Analytic Philosophy and Continental) where are the points of tension? What explains these points of tension? and Ultimately: what can each paradigm of scholarship and practice can teach the other?
2) Rachel, Music Librarian|tabling in Crouse College before Wo. Cho. (Women’s Chorale)

She was chilling in the hallway and gave me some brilliant leads as to how I can find piano music I love (hello, Billy Joel and Ceelo Green Anthology!) at Bird Library. I came out of the Librarianship closet, and let her know I am an LIS student. She said she suspected as much, especially after I straight up asked her how she could solve a life problem that some member might come to her with. A pathfinder for life… such shenanigans!

3) Kate McCaffrey
unConference Skype Date.

A few Library students and I spoke with Kate McCaffrey, Director of NOPL libraries about a theme for our upcoming (ok, lies, it is going to be in January 2013) unConference.

She said she would like to see definitions of New Librarianship of increased involvement of the NOPL branches.

All in all, it was a good day of  inspiring people on SU campus and beyond. 🙂


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