Pinterest Pathfinder

Pinterest Pathfinder

pathfinder ME photo

It’s a pathfinder!
It brings me joy to no end to announce that I am the proud parent of a pathfinder. The delivery was smooth, but the labor lasted over 24 hours. It was the final push at the end that really made the endeavor a success.

heh heh.

A final note on the new arrival: Be sure to check out who i have “followed” on Pinterest in addition to looking at my albums for  resources. Check out my “likes” as well, as they are a collection of pins related to architecture in Syracuse, NY.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Pathfinder

  1. Well, saying “congratulations” seems sort of a “weak” word to describe how I feel about your accomplishment. How about WOW. I expected no less from you, dear Sarah. You are one heck of a young woman and scholar. You will certainly go far on this planet as long as you live. Finally, I ask the Good Lord to watch over you and your endeavors for life. Christine, Luccia and I can’t wait to see you in person. God Bless You! Jfr

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