Heavy lids high spirits: South Africa travel log p1


“Are you the one going to Cape Town?” The Delta check-in attendant grins knowingly, taking in the blur of feverish excitement in a floral travel dress that is me, alight with either excitement or manic anticipation of the first leg of a 31 hour flight.

My savvy Dutch pediatric nurse roommate Dea said “I’d be HONORED to take you…and sure want to give you a bonvoyage hug…which is not a regular one…”

This is not a regular flight indeed, and certainly the hug was a hug that made me appreciate the enormity of the world and the power of the attendees of the IFLA conference, with members from over 40 countries. She sent me off with a letter of luck and a pocket of Rand and any well wishes.image

This is it!  I’ve arrived in Cape Town, after much jet lag and am enjoying endless cups of tea and mists over table mountain.

We are presenting our paper, amidst table Mountain beauty in the western cape, on Wednesday, but in the meantime…Kusturie has arranged for a whirlwind tour, where we will visit table mountain, Robben island, Boulders beach, Simon’s Town, Cape of Good Hope, and Cape peninsula. While I have been to England, Canada, and Guatemala, for model European Union in undergrad, a Spartan Race, and service projects, respectively…never to present on data science for public and academic libraries, or hike around on a misty 60 degree morning on the tip of Africa, where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet.

After hiking, shopping, sightseeing, and guzzling innumerable cups of tea, we plan to re-run our data analysis on the most up to date IMLS (2012) public library data, and look forward to comparing notes at the conference.

For photos galore on Flickr: The wonders of having a discerning eye and an iPhone 🙂 https://www.flickr.com/photos/130772804@N05/sets/72157656762520289/with/20532750395/