Storify of IFLA South Africa

The scent of hot braai and sea air have made way for incense and spicy garam masala: Mango airlines has safely delivered it’s sea-sprayed, big-data-acronymed-exhausted, conference-energized cargo to Durban, South Africa. I’ve arrived at the home of my co-presenter Kusturie and family. And what a journey it’s been!


The conference is over. But the work has just begun. After a non-stop whirlwind of international collaboration, cultural events, and brilliant librarianship–scholarship that makes me proud to be a part of this socially engaged, politically active, not-afraid-to-shake-a+ profession–I’m now coming to grips with and synthesizing the invaluable tacit cultural knowledge as well as practical applied techniques learned through conversation with international scholars and practitioners.

Those who gave more than $50 to the campaign that funded my plane trip will receive a recreated experience of South Africa (check your mailboxes!) and (thanks again!):

I’ve curated a Flickr photo album ( and a Storify (, sharing the experience.

Lekker and Dui, may you get to the mother city someday!


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